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Transmitter Detector - TD-62

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If you suspect your premises are bugged, for your own peace of mind, check it out. The TD-62 can be used to detect, verify and locate hidden transmitters in your home, office or car.
Part Number: 200151708TD62
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The TD-62 Transmitter Detector is a complex piece of countermeasures test equipment that comes standard with the Wideband RF Probe. This transmitter detector can be used with the 4 available probes described below to search for and locate virtually every type of transmitting bug in use today. Wideband RF Probe (up to 2.5 GHZ) Infrared Probe (Laser Detector) Line Driver Probe (Detects hard wired microphones) Microwave RF Probe (2.5 GHZ to 6 GHZ) Transmitter Detector - TD-62Use the TD-62 to perform a professional RF sweep of your premises. Similar in operation to a Geiger counter, the sensitive antenna system can be used to probe all areas of a room. As the antenna approaches the hidden transmitter, the audible tone clicks faster and faster while the signal strength is displayed in a bar graph on the units LCD screen. Transmitter Detector - TD-62At this point, switch modes from Detect to Verify to differentiate a bug from a regular radio or TV transmission. If a bugging device is present, a continuous squealing tone is generated by the TD-62. By sweeping the probe, this tone can lead you directly to the bug. The selectable SENSITIVITY level improves detection capabilities of the unit in high signal strength areas. For private (non-alerting) listening, an earphone jack is provided. P-01 wide-band active probe P-01 WIDE-BAND ACTIVE PROBE Included with the TD-62 is the P-01 Wideband RF probe which covers the frequency range of 5 MHz to 2,500 MHz. Several other plug-in probes are available which will extend the usefulness of your TD-62.